The secret of painting

In times of crisis, hiring a painter can be a great expense for our economy. And although there is always the option of contacting a cheap painter, more and more people decide to save good money, painting themselves at home. However, although at first, this may seem like a simple task, if you want to achieve a good finish, it is important that you keep in mind some issues. That is why today we bring you some tips so that besides saving money, you find it much easier.

Do not skip the primer

Although we may be tempted to skip applying the primer, you should know that this layer not only provides a more optimal surface for painting but also helps the chosen color look better.

Painting like a professional

Painting is an excellent opportunity to show your skills. But before painting, it is important to clean the door frames, the roof, and the corners so that the finish is better.

Prepare the surface        

When many people prepare to paint they forget that preparing the surface is essential for the paint to adhere correctly. The surface should be clean, dull and in good condition so if necessary, you should use a little putty and sanding to get it to be uniform throughout.

Amount of paint

It is also important to calculate well the amount of paint we will need. Professional painters recommend using about 8 liters of paint per 25 square meters approximately. Of course, keep in mind that I may need more when it comes to surfaces with textures, rough or very porous.

Weather conditions

Although most people do not usually have this factor in mind, you should know that it is always better to paint on dry days because moisture prevents the water-based paint from drying out well. That is why it is always better to wait to save time when you do this task.

Use plastic bags and bodybuilder tape

To avoid staining all of the paint, cover the doorknobs with plastic bags and separate the areas that are going to be painted from those not with bodybuilder’s tape. This way you will save a lot of time because when cleaning you will not have to eliminate so many unwanted spots.

Outside the old

If the old paint on the wall is peeling off, it is best to buy a paint scraper and remove it. Once you have removed all the old paint, and the surface, apply a layer of primer and proceed to paint. In this way, the finish will not only be better but also the paint will be better adhered.

Clean finish

In those rooms that are used regularly and suffer more, we recommend that you use semi-gloss paint as it is more durable. In fact, this type of painting is the best friend of parents in the bedrooms and playrooms of children.

Wash the walls

It does not hurt that once you have prepared the surface, you pass a sponge with soap and water to eliminate any residue or impurity left on the wall. You should know that paint adheres much better on clean surfaces.

Do not go back

Once you have painted an area and it has begun to dry, it is best to leave it and not touch anything. If you go back over it, you can end up leaving marks and colored stripes on the surface of the painting.

Cover the floor

Unless you want to paint the floor of your house, we recommend that you cover it with a tarp. A very cheap and simple option that helps to save many troubles. Of course, never use plastic because it does not absorb paint and it is very likely that you end up filling your shoes and leaving stains all over the house.

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