How to stay motivated on your fitness journey

Whether it is a New Year resolution or you have already been at it for some time, fitness routines can be challenging to keep up with. Fitness can be such a transformational journey for more than just your physical body, it is also a state of mind. You may sometimes find it difficult to stay motivated as you adjust to the changes in your routines in order to get the results you are seeking. You are in luck, here are some ways you can get and stay motivated every day as you exercise;

  1. Set your goals accordingly and realistically, separating short-term and long-term goals. This will make it easier to start tracking and measuring small goals achieved thus provide tangible motivation to keep chasing the long-term goals. Remember that it is better to get slow results than fast ones, as the former is always long-lasting.
  2. Everybody is different so do not compare yourself to others. There is no one size fits all when it comes to fitness because of factors such as age, genetics, and differences in metabolisms. Losing body fat and gaining muscle will depend on our diets as much as our regimens but will also depend on the body type we are. Don’t be mad because what worked for some person, did not work for you. Know your body type and what works for you as an individual.
  3. Stay positive and surround yourself with positive energy at all times. Don’t let negative people bring you down, you would rather have supportive people around to encourage you rather than people who ridicule and make fun of you for doing what makes you happy. In some cases, you could have a workout buddy.
  4. Have a great playlist. Gym music is there to set the tone for everybody, from those squatting to those lifting hence the difficulty in setting and managing different paces. You can carry your own music to jam to so that you can set a pace you are comfortable with and also so you can avoid distractions from around you. Be in your own world with your favorite music, exercising away.
  5. Treat yourself! This is more than a meal cheat day (although those are a great thing to look forward to); this can be finding great ways to reward yourself for doing a great job working out over the past few weeks. Going to the movies, shopping for workout clothes or a spa day with friends are some perfect ways to celebrate your accomplishments. You deserve all the self-appreciation.

6. Keep a workout journal/diary. In this diary along with your set goals, document what you are to do and eat in a day so you know where you may need to compensate should you miss something. Have a vision page or pages of the future you that you are looking to build. Write yourself a few motivational quotes that will encourage you and build your character strength.

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