Why you Should Practice Yoga More

Poses of yoga are beneficial your physical and mental health in numerous ways. Engaging in yoga can at first seem like a daunting task considering the many poses that come with it. While some are simple, others can be quite demanding but ultimately, there plenty of benefits to get. 

  • Reduces Anxiety 

One of the reasons that you should practice yoga more often is how it brings clarity in your mind and helps you do away with anxiety. Practicing yoga regularly and when possible on a daily basis helps you deal with mental disorders such as depression as it stimulates the feel-good neurotransmitters. This will keep you feeling positive. 

  • You Boost Your Physical Well-Being

The nature of your work could be taking a toll on you. You experience tight muscles probably for sitting for many hours and your joints become creaky more often. Your lower back is killing you and you are always fatigued. When you practice yoga more often, it will help you ward off these physical issues. Your core muscles are strengthened. 

  • Helps in Reversing Bone Loss

Bone loss increases as you age and reduces at a high percentage every year for those above 40 years. Bone loss leads to issues such as osteoporosis among others. When you get used to practicing yoga and you make it part of your life daily, you can gradually reverse bone loss which is critical as you age. 

  • It’s Easier to Get through Your Day

One of the best times to engage in yoga is in the morning before you set out for your day. Its mind-calming benefits will not only see you have a clear mind, but it will help you have a stress-free time and your body feels relaxed generally. This will make it easier for you to perform your daily tasks. 

  • You Sleep Better

If you have been struggling with insomnia, yoga can help you improve significantly. Sleep deprivation is dangerous as you tend to be sluggish most of the times. Since daily practice helps in calming your mind and improves your physical fitness, you will sleep better at night.

Other Yoga Benefits

There are numerous yoga poses each with it’s own benefits. Apart from improving your physical and mental health, it becomes easier for you to be coordinated and maintain balance. These are common issues when you are elderly. On the other hand, your posture is improved and the quality of life is enhanced. 

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